Visuals to aid

Visuals to aid

At school, we have been learning about aiding different visuals to our stories. And I am not talking about pictures, but about graphs and data that will help the reader understand the information in more detail. I have already done this to some degree in an article a classmate and I wrote for the Winnipeg … Continue reading

To the stories that never happen…

…even though the interviews do. As a journalist-in-training, I have learned that some stories just don’t make their way onto the paper. Even though you have already put time into research and maybe finished some research… it just doesn’t work out. I am not sure if this is normal… but I think it could be … Continue reading

[Post] Culture Shock

When I told people I was heading to India, many of them mentioned how it would be hard to get used to the culture there. The thing is… I knew I wouldn’t be too shocked. I like to visit new places and traveled outside of Canada for 4 months in total during 2011. It takes … Continue reading

Forts and palaces and temples, oh my!

Forts and palaces and temples, oh my!

How many historical buildings can you see in two weeks? I feel like I have seen them all. Every new city comes with tours of at least two different temples and at least one, gigantic, historical building. And they all come with stories of ancient times. And look like they belong in Middle Earth on … Continue reading

Representation in the media

My friend suggested I watch the documentary ‘Miss Representation’ the other day. Intrigued, I decided to take time out of my busy schedule to watch it. It is a documentary about how women are presented in all aspects of the media. As a student of Creative Communications, I have learned about all these aspects in … Continue reading

Ground Zero

I have read the book ‘Hiroshima’ before. It is a compilation of articles about six survivors of the atomic bomb dropped on the Japanese city in 1945. The compilations were published in The New Yorker a year after the Americans dropped the atomic bomb. When I picked up the book, I knew what to expect. … Continue reading