The other day some of my classmates were discussing my blog (famous! I know, right?)

They couldn’t decide where the name “Oh, oh, oh Miss Alyssa’ came from. Someone said Beyoncé. Other people said no way. And then I told them.

It is based on this beauty. I guess it just inspired me.

Plus, I remember people calling me Miss Alyssa when I was younger. Most likely while trying to get me to stop talking (ya, I have always been like this!)

The name of this blog jumped around for a while since it was so hard for me to pick something I connected with. It’s not because any of my friends have ever heard of this song. It is because I literally want to jump and dance every time it comes on. It must be the voodoo.

Inspiration is an interesting thing.

I have been inspired so many times in my life — usually by people who don’t even realize they are inspiring. Their humbleness attracts me to them even more.

And then there are those people who are well-known, well at least in some circles.

A couple of weeks ago I saw Stephen Lewis was coming to speak in Winnipeg. Having seen him speak before, I knew I wanted to interview him. I wanted to interview him enough that I changed from being Live at Five producer to reporter. I wanted the story. I wanted to talk to him.

It was a scrum interview with about 5 other journalists. We all took our turn. Some had different agendas than mine but I loved listening to his answers.

I was on a high all day. I think my videographer James thought I was slightly crazy but I couldn’t stop talking about how awesome it was.

He inspired me when I was in high school. He still inspired me now. And he inspires my friend Lauren who let me film her story.

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