The end is near

Even if I can’t believe it, the calendar doesn’t lie.

But now, I am stuck with the unbelievably time-consuming task of trying to decide what I want to do after I graduate. Usually, things fall into place for me.

This has not been happening as much since I have started to find my perfect plan for the next year. I have applied for jobs seemingly out of my reach and made mistakes in applications where I will now have to wait years before re-applying.

At least I am learning, right? At least I am finding out what is out there, right? At least I am trying, right?

The thing is, I have never been at this point in time and not known my plan for the summer, let alone the next year. Last year, I was heading to Ghana then to my final year of school. The year before I planned my first summer job in the city at a small branding agency and entering CreComm. The year before, heading to Ethiopia and then back to Minnedosa for a summer of work.

Now, the world is open. But without money to just travel and try to find a job, I am stuck applying for jobs that do seem a world away.

I do have a portfolio full of international stories and the hope to expand that even more. I guess I  will continue to apply for jobs and hope for the best.


One thought on “The end is near

  1. Hi Allysa ; DON’T GIVE UP! Something is waiting for you out there! I have enjoyed reading your blogs—very interesting. And your pictures are also great. Good Luck this summer.

    Love, Grandma S.

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