About a year ago, I was introduced to my CreComm’s ‘Independent Professional Project’. I heard the second-years tales of the year-long project and then I was asked to pick something I wanted to focus on for a year.

After much debate, I chose to shoot a documentary during my summer in Ghana. Literacy has always been a focus of mine since high school, so I wanted to continue looking at this issue.

I went to Ghana with a clear plan and idea… that did not end up working out. [Side note: my original plan COULD have worked but I did not understand the issues it presented at the time. Looking back, I could have looked at why the the library wasn’t opening. I did end up focusing on the issue in a magazine article about road safety for children in Ghana.]

But I ended up finding a mobile library project that I was really interested in and inspired by.

Some children of the mobile library

As I was re-watching footage, I was able to see how much I have improved in my reporting since then. I am proud of the documentary footage, especially since it was shot with about $200 work of equipment.

I also might have promised an interviewee a Canadian wife in return for his kind words. Opps.

I will be posting my documentary soon and will introduce it to my classmates and the public next week during the IPP Presentations at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. Thursday 10:30.

Please see my new blog about my documentary “The Gateway to Knowledge“.





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