To the stories that never happen…

…even though the interviews do.

As a journalist-in-training, I have learned that some stories just don’t make their way onto the paper. Even though you have already put time into research and maybe finished some research… it just doesn’t work out.

I am not sure if this is normal… but I think it could be clarified as real life.

For instance, one time I decided to interview The Sheepdogs. They are one of my favourite bands and I thought since they had played so many times in Manitoba since they received the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine. So, I interviewed them.

But then after I did, I had to write and pitch the story. The thing is, I couldn’t pitch is. I had never pitched an entertainment story before and had no contacts. Since I didn’t get a bite, I thought I would wait until they came to town again for a concert to make the article more timely.

They came to Manitoba twice after that in 2011 – and again, with bad timing.

The first concert was the same day as the Manitoba Election and I had gotten the opportunity to work with CJOB during this time, taking up my free time to write the story.

The second was on Dec 12 – when I was in India.

Maybe the story was just never meant to be written.

There was numerous times when I was in India that I emailed contacts or researched a story I wanted to write. Unfortunately, time and restrictions to get all my sources made it impossible for me to write the story before I left.

Now I guess, I just have some interviews for file and story ideas in my head.


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