Forts and palaces and temples, oh my!

How many historical buildings can you see in two weeks? I feel like I have seen them all. Every new city comes with tours of at least two different temples and at least one, gigantic, historical building.

And they all come with stories of ancient times. And look like they belong in Middle Earth on acid. You know, all the fixings of old-time castles with crazy colours and mirrors inside.

‘This is where the King’s 12 Queen’s apartments were’ is a phrase use often. As well as ‘he had over 300 concubines’. Sounds like one busy guy…

But more on that later, first I will tell you about my visit to a building built for love, Taj Mahal.

After spending almost 24 hours on a train and missing our original tour day of the Taj (I’ll skip the hairy details), we finally got to go – but in the morning instead of the afternoon. Why is this important? The fog.

The fog is like a layer of whiteness in front of all the buildings, making it hard to even get a photo of the Taj. By the time we were done touring it, the fog had cleared a bit to take some pictures.

Taj Mahal

More intricate carvings in the marble entrance

My Mom and I in the 'Princess Diana' spot

Carvings of stones in the marble at the Taj

People who carve out the marble work so closely with the stones that they lose their fingerprints

Working on marble

Through my time in India, I have seen many amazing places – ones that remind me of the castles in Scotland, some which were modeled after peacocks, some which have a different palace for each season…

Pictures of places in all over Northern India: Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Osiyan.

These designs covered many of the windows - most times to hide the women royalty (they could see you -- ou couldn't see them)

Agra Fort

Th outside of Agra Fort -- I love the red

Cobra charmer outside of the Amber Fort

Our transport to the Amber Fort in Jaipur

Our elephant driver

The ride up to the Amber Fort

The summer palace of the Amber Fort

The silver and mirrors inside the Amber Fort

They call Jaipur "The pink city" because many of its building/castles were painted pink for the first royal visit over 300 years ago

I love the colours in these palaces

The "secret staircases" so the many Queens could sneak into the King's room

Another shot of the pink city

Me with a 'palace' guard

The stone sundial in one of the oldest planetarium

Kama sutra drawings at a temple

Hindu Temple in Udaipur

City Palace, where the royal family still lives

Windows in the City Palace

Paintings on the ceiling

The Honeymoon room

The walls in City Palace

The flight of stairs I fell down

Jains believe in non-violence. ie they do not believe in eating/hurting anything living. They don’t eat roots and cover their mouths so they accidentally don’t eat a bug.

Outside of the Jain Temple

The rules of going into the Jain temple

Inside of the Jain temple - which is over 600 years old

The temple is full of these has 1000 of these pillars. However, they made one crooked to prove that nothing god has not made is perfect.

Details of the beautiful temple

More Forts:

Mehrangarth Fort

After the King died, the queen would have to leave the fort - but she always left her hand print behind.


The owner of Mehrangarth Fort used to raise pigeons… until they took away his castle. He cursed them and so they sacrificed a member of their community.

Jodhpur, the 'blue city'


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