Who do you remember?

When you think of Remembrance Day, who do you remember?

Neither of my Grandparents were in the army. My Great-grandparents were but I feel a lack of connection to them since they all perished either before I was born or when I was very young. All I remember about Grandma-in-the-little-house was that she had a drawer of smarties and a collection of little tea cups.

So who do I remember?

I do remember those who fought in wars that I have only seen in movies. And I do recognize that it was during a time I could never understand.

But I do understand the time that I am living in now. I have grown up with the world changing around me. And in this time, I do not think that war is the way to end all problems.

Many people think because I align myself with non-violence means that I do not respect soldiers and this statement is false. I feel that I do respect soldiers that go out and fight for a cause they believe in. I however do not respect the government that sends these young people to fight a war. That order them to make hard discussions which means life/death for innocent civilians and other people. These soldiers are brave for going over to fight for our country but I don’t agree that our government should have sent them there. I remember their sacrifice.

I also remember many of wars that have taken innocent lives. There are more than 30 civil and border wars being fought within Africa right now. These people must also be remembered.

There is an old statement that came out of the Vietnam War: “the first casualty of war is the truth.” This came from the fact that the U.S. Army would hold press conferences and lie about casualties and progress made. This propaganda would be spitted out of reporters without them questioning these stats or reasoning.

I want to be an international reporter but I would not want to be a person that spits out army propaganda. I want to ask hard questions so that everyone understands what is happening in the world. Ignorance is not bliss.


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