My Date with Peter Mansbridge

Peter Mansbridge is a rockstar.

The group of CreComm girls with Peter

Last Friday, I got to go see ‘Encounter: An Evening with Peter Mansbridge”. Not only do I love CreComm for these kinds of opportunities, this one was extra special. After all, who didn’t grow up wanting to be Peter Mansbridge when they were a kid…

Well I might be semi-alone on that one, but still. He is a rock star who has interviewed many important figures and ordinary people found in extraordinary circumstances.

He told stories of the human spirit recognized in Canadians around the world. That our efforts in aid are not forgotten, neither are our sacrifices in past world wars.

One of the biggest lessons I learned from him is to ‘aim big, but start small’. I personally like to aim big and start big so I think Peter gave me a reality check that needed to happen. He also inspired me greatly to continue on in my career path of reporting interesting stories from around the world – without forgetting the Canadian audience.

One of my favourite stories that he told involved his interview with Barack Obama. Peter told us how the interview was so structured and Obama left swiftly after to catch a plane… only to return with a member of his staff.

He comes back into the room and introduces his friend to Peter.

‘Peter, do you know [insert name here], he’s from Victoria’

Now, if anyone has ever, LIKE EVER, gone on vacation and had this happen to you… you realize its irony. For me, it’s always, ‘no, I don’t know your Aunt from Toronto or Cousin from Montreal… I live in the middle of NO WHERE!’

But its nice to know that Obama does represent the American people.

In the end, it turns out that the guy was an employee and friend of Obama who told him that he used to watch Peter as a kid… and that his mother loved him.

And don’t we all.

Us talking with Peter

PS. I realize I have been calling him ‘Peter’ this entire time, and this was a running gag, but reality, mentioned throughout Friday night.


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