The Travel Bug

I have caught the bug. And I’m not talking about the fact that I have been hacking up a lung for almost a month. I am talking about the fact that I want to travel. I want to do nothing but travel. And in December, I will be traveling to…


In case you are unaware of where India is...

This trip has been in the works for a while. I remember we used to talk about taking this trip as a family and I thought it would never happen. But now, it is on for sure. The flights are booked and I will be entering India as of December 10, 2011.

Over Thanksgiving this year, my East-Indian brother Dean was telling us about what we can expect and all the things we can do. It made me extra excited for this trip. We will be flying into New Delhi and travelling around the north. We will then fly down to Mumbai to meet Dean and his mom for Christmas. After Christmas, instead of boxing day sales, we will be heading down to Goa, the region just south of Mumbai.

We will do a week-long tour before heading back to Mumbai for New Years Eve. From there my parents will leave me and I will stay for my work placement. I think the most interesting part of this vacation will be to see my parent’s reaction. I am quite certain I will have some culture shock but having travelled to six countries in the past couple of years, I think I adjust easier.

My mom has always said she wanted to come visit me in Ghana (and other places I have travelled). This will be her test run. After she goes to India, I think it will be way easier to convince her to jump in a crowded tro-tro for 6 hours without a break and no conditioning. But there will be lots of my vacation where I will be a budding journalist in India.

As a Red River College student, I am required to do a work placement for the first three weeks in January. Since I am already in India, it has been my goal to get a placement in India.

It’s not even just because I am there. It is because there are interesting things happening in India right now. The economy is booming, as is their population. Unlike Ghana where radio is the main medium of news, print publications are popular in India. I am still searching for a placement but I am determined that my passion for international journalism will help me secure a spot to learn even more about my favourite subject: the news.

The bug has bitten me. Instead of just letting it sit there, I have decided to jump in and take another adventure. Hopefully on my way to a career of doing just that, travelling around and writing about it.


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