Winnipeg is Back in the Game

Winnipeg has been making major headlines recently.

These stories haven’t focused on the Manitoba election, or even Air Canada’s scandalous letter. No. They are focused on the Return of the Winnipeg Jets.

A return 15 years in the making. A return whose hype is stronger than the team itself. But a return that is going to change Winnipeg.

I have never seen people so excited in Winnipeg. On Sunday watching the pre-game documentaries and the live news footage from the MTS Centre and Forks, everyone knew there was something special in the air. The fact that people worked so hard to plan their outfits and gimmicks for the day. Like how often do you see people dressed as Buckingham Palace guards or in pure spandex…? Not everyday but perhaps now, every game day.

Now, they didn’t win but the Jets are bringing back something that Winnipeggers always knew: Winnipeg is not that bad. I know what you are thinking: I am not a true Winnipegger. And I know, my small town blood denies me this. But I have to live here just like the rest of you and for the past four years it has not been that bad. It’s actually been pretty fun.

The other day, my Grandpa invited to the book launch of “Back in the Bigs: How Winnipeg won, lost and regained its place in the NHL.” It was just a small release party at the Winnipeg Free Press News Cafe but was full of local journalists, journalists specifically in town to cover the Jets return and of course, old-timers like my Grandpa. This event gave me the opportunity to meet many contacts and hear how journalists were buzzing about the return of the Jets.

So I guess the Jets have brought opportunities in their return and in different ways. Several CreCommers are interning for True North (major jealous). But alas, I got the chance to meet a lot of people though my favourite Winnipeg Jet, my Grandpa.


3 thoughts on “Winnipeg is Back in the Game

  1. Great story Alyssa. We are very proud of what you are doing and acomplishing? Looking forward to hearing al labout you trip when you get home. lov grandma Pat

  2. What a Great Story on AB!
    You have chosen a great career and tell your stories like no other! I wish you all the success the world can offer! The family is blessed all around! Keep the stories comin! Love ya Girl! The Schultz’s

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