Having a Hand in Democracy

Today is election day in Manitoba.

That’s right. Your day to turn political jargon into an election vote is here.

Whenever there is an election, I always try to get informed enough that I could win a battle of wits if it ever came up. This year, volunteering with CJOB has escalated my knowledge to the point where I understand key ridings, know pretty much all high-profile candidates and could talk at detail about a lot of the key issues.

However, backing away from that. I understand this has been a boring election for most people. Going to the streets to get interviews, many people told me how UNinspired they were in the parties, their goals and their leadership.

I had more than one person that told me they were picking “the lesser of two evils.” Also many people referenced the 2008 US Presidential Election and how it inspired people. This election is making people fall asleep.

This made me wonder: why can’t our politicians inspire people? What are they missing? And most importantly, why do they not get it?

Since people have began losing interest in the election, the parties have not changed their tactics. They have apparently strived to be more boring.

The campaign has turned into a blaming match, and I for one, would rather turn it off then listen. And so would many other young Canadians.

They are using past performances from past premiers to make their platform. Just a side note: when these things were happening, I wasn’t interested in politics. I was interested in junior high.

Give me something I can relate to. Give me something inspiring. Please?

** I voted in advanced polls last Saturday.


One thought on “Having a Hand in Democracy

  1. Hi Alyssa, the question is… how can we hold the candidates to their platforms and promises once elected? I feel that the reason the elections are boring, is because we have stopped listening to the garble, it doesn’t mean anything, just words.

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