Page One: The start of my journalism career

Page One: Inside the New York Times OR the start of my journalism career.

I guess it can be both OR I guess it will be both.

Page One can really mean two things. One means the start but One also means the best. In this scenario I am obviously the start and the New York Times is obviously the best. Perhaps one day these two will mend.

The documentary Page One focused on the changing face of the New York Times in the presence of new technology, social media and Wikileaks. It talked about how journalism is changing but some things still stay the same for serious journalism. These things include investigative journalism and standing up to publish things you think people need to know.

Learn more about the movie:

What this movie teaches us:

  • People care about true, investigative journalism
  • New media and journalism work together, complement each other.
  • Wikileaks continues to be awesome and provide another source for journalism
  • Even though online content is usually free, the New York Times believes their content is better than free. It’s worth the money you pay to view it.
What this movie taught me:
  • I want to be an awesome journalist
  • That digging for stories can take a while, but that research is worth the time to make a clear, accurate story.
  • That there is life and a future in journalism. I would like to thank this movie for this.
The other day, I went to a family get-together and it was the first time I had seen my extended family since my return from Ghana. They gave me a card – which I originally thought was a missed-birthday card –  but it was something different. It was a well wishes card, congratulating me on finally finding out what I want to do with my life: from my trip, my switch to journalism and my passion to continue on with my dream.
People believing in you is a wonderful gift.


2 thoughts on “Page One: The start of my journalism career

  1. Awe, this really , really makes me miss CreComm. And my dream of being a journalist. *sigh* I should probably go back. But I’m getting the travel bug. I want to go away! Hmm….

    Awesome post, Alyssa!

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