Technology’s Hold on the World

Last Friday, the school’s network was down.

No one could get on the internet. No one could log onto computers. Pretty much, no one could do their school work.

Our radio assignment had to be changed due to the fact no one could access the editing equipment. We had to write out our stories using *shocker* pen and paper. I had no loose leaf.

If we were an actual news room, we would have failed. The thing is, the power suddenly turning off or the internet/network being down were weekly occurrences in Ghana.

The power would suddenly shut off and no one would even move. Well except for the person running to turn on the backup generator for the Radio Station. The radio could still run and we would all just sit in the dark, continuing our work – not even noticing. The news would still get aired on time. And it was hard for us to even finish a story in my classroom in Canada.

We are reliant on technology. But should journalism be reliant on technology?

On Sunday, I went on a tour of CJOB. My mouth hung open “this is very different from the newsroom in Ghana.” I never thought that my newsroom in Ghana was under equipt. Sure the soundproofing looked like egg-carton insulation, but it had everything needed to run a newsroom.

I wonder what would happen if the network went down or the power turned off at CJOB?


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