The world has changed

This is a statement that should not surprise many people.

I am not sure if this is a natural progression, or just the result of others’ greed.

But what does this mean for me, as a young, Canadian journalist? In that sense, I am not sure that it has changed. I was not a journalist in a pre-9/11 world. I was, however, a person with opinions. Maybe not very developed opinions considering I was ten, but being so young, I was able to grow up in a world of change.

One night when I was in Togo, Raquel and I had a huge discussion over supper about the world, and why it is the way it is. We had very different views. But it made me think of what my own views are. And that I would stand by it.

Things like terrorist attacks happen for complex reasons. Do I think it’s right that it happened? No. Do I think it was justified? No. Do I think the people who did it thought it was justified? Yes.

I think that every person’s life is shaped by the people around them and the experiences they had. Those experiences – brought on by themselves, other people, governments and even culture – makes them act the way they act.

I know it is hard for some people to think this way. That the experiences felt by people can shape who they become. Therefore, when they react back to someone who they feel has mistreated then they feel justified.

This is why I think people, communities and governments need to really think about how they treat other people, communities and governments. Because how you treat other people do matter.

And how you report a story does matter. How you present other people’s’ –  other cultures’ views – does matter. And being responsible about what you report does matter.

After all, justification comes from legitimacy. Legitimacy comes from power. And the world keeps turning.


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