The end of the line

I am sorry for not keeping you up-to-date about what has been happening the last couple of weeks. I have been trying to finish up my internship and have been in the process of saying goodbye to Takoradi, my home for the last 3 or so months. [o and it was Rockfest in Minnedosa so I was thinking not many people would be on their computers. They would be out rocking/being hungover]

So, last week was my final days at my internship at Radio Maxx and in Tadi.

Don’t worry; I am not leaving Ghana yet. Raquel and I have plans to travel around Western Africa. But I doubt I will have time to return to Tadi before heading home from Accra in mid-August.

So, I have decided to think about the many things I will miss about my time here:

My family

The family that I have been staying with here has been amazing. They have helped me out when I needed them and I have appreciated their hospitality so much.

Grandma & Grandpa

Grandma showing me how to ground Fufu



Adom & Me

Who else is going to call me crazy all the time? Or break into a dance party with me while doing laundry?


Peter helping us out (like always)

Who I don’t think ever let me take a picture of him. Well here is him translating for Angela.

My room

I will miss it.

I know that sounds weird. But over the past couple of months, that room has become “my room”. Even though it is super messy, but hey, my room is always messy.

Radio Maxx

It definitely has been a learning experience and I am glad that I got to spend my time here with such fun people. Maxx held an event on Friday to celebrate birthdays & say goodbye to my news editor Kwaku who is leaving for another station.

Setting up for the party

o, how I love this picture.

DJ Joe aka my favourite Champs dj

Issac Hughes - one of my fellow reporters

o, Kojo

Nana & Raquel

Feeling Daddy... talking on the phone

Razak is awesome at taking pictures.

News team(minus the dancing Issac Hughes)


I will miss Nana Adjoa. My time here would have been completely different if it was not for her!


I will miss Tadi – I really like this place. When I walk through the market, I usually run into someone who I know, from some random meeting.

I have finally starting navigating myself smartly around the market and knowing where I can get certain things. The Espresso credit [my internet] place was a great discovery last week.

I will miss my nights out. What can I say? I like to chill.

What can I say? I will miss chilling

I will miss Raquel. It’s been a great summer & she was a great person to experience Ghana with.

Raquel & I

Raquel singing Karaoke on Friday Night at Champs

I will miss the people who I have met here. I have had some great times here and it’s partly because of the awesome people I was hanging out with.

I love this photo (which is by Raquel)

One of our many 'engagement photos'

I spent my last weekend in Tadi hanging out with friends but Sat night was just us girls.

The three crazy girls?

And [finally] making my way to Busua Beach.

Beach day

Richard in front of 'the island'

Richard had been telling me that there was dwarfs that lived on this island off the coast of Busua Beach. So I told him it was probably a genetic mutation from mating inside one closed gene-pool. Until we actually went to the beach, I thought he was serious. I guess he was kidding & I just believed him.. the whole time. I still maintain that is where the umpa lumpas are. haha.

Next up is a beach resort in Ada then continue traveling East to Togo & Benin. We are currently in Accra trying to get visa requirements figured out.

The adventure begins tomorrow and I am excited!


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