Who doesn’t love a mobile library and a wedding?

First off, I would like to say Happy Birthday to the little guy that doesn’t stop screaming, Antonio.

What a cutie.

He was not too thrilled that we gave him books for his birthday.

A present?

A book? Let's throw it at Aunties

Last week, I was interviewing the head librarian of the Western Region and he showed me their mobile library. I, of course, asked when they were going out next and he said tomorrow. I then asked to join their adventure. And that’s when the adventure started.

Ghana Library Board

I didn’t end up actually traveling with the mobile library since there was not enough seats but Joseph, the head lib, said I could come up with him the day after. So I did.

It was a great experience and I shot a lot of video, hopefully which I can put into my doomed [well, maybe not so doomed] documentary about literacy.

The kids were really fun to talk to and seemed to appreciate the chance to take books out of the mobile library.

Town Kids

Showing off Books

I also got to chill with the library boys aka the ones who work in the mobile library which ended up being very fun.

The library boys

When I was there, there was lots of discussion about where I would sleep. My plan to sleep in the two-room house with the workers was squashed so it seemed that I would be bed less for the night… until…

Veronica [who I do not even have a picture of].

Veronica proved to me just how truly welcoming and nice Ghanaians are. Without knowing me, she said I could stay in her little apartment. She went and found me and town and we went skipping down the street arm-in-arm. Since I didn’t bring a lot of stuff with me on the trip she lent me her shoes, her bag and gave me food.

After chilling with the lib boys, I then had to be up and ready to leave by six. Luckily, Veronica woke up and boiled some hot water for me. Overall, having my first hot shower in over 6 weeks… in a bush in rural Africa… watching the sunrise… was pretty amazing. [And yes, Toronto is counted in that. No such thing as “hot” showers in a hostel]

Here are some pictures of my adventure:

Mobile Library


Kids at the school

A water sachet decoration (love the idea - they made them into decorative things there)

My favourite tree (I have a thing for cool looking trees - especially African trees)

Learning some comp skills

Working hard


I think it looks like a person. I stared at it all day.

o, I forgot to mention:

The town we went to was Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana's first pres, birthplace.

Museum for Kwame Nkrumah

The night I returned, I went to Champs with Adom and Raquel. We also happened to accidentally crash Feeling Daddy’s bachelor party. And me and Raquel sang backup to Kojo’s karaoke.

Bachelor Karaoke

The next day was Feeling Daddy’ wedding, which like all Ghanaian ceremonies, was an experience.

Matching material for the wedding

Now, in church in Ghana, they do offerings a little different. Everyone starts singing and then you dance in a line to the front to give your offering [think conga line] and everyone stands and dances next to his or her seats. It takes about 30-40 mins to go through everyone and they do this twice a church service. I am not sure why they do this. However, it makes it pretty hard not to give an offering to the church.

They did this at the wedding too. The first dance going to the church, the second goes to the couple. And then everyone is tired for dancing for over an hour during the offerings.

Conga to the offering

Nana dancing


The wedding was over 4 hours long.

The happy couple.

Then they took pictures. Right in front of the church. And called guests to come join them. ( I was in the Radio Maxx group)

Wedding Party

Outside the church

Then we went to the ceremony which was like a Canadian reception, only it started when the wedding ended and went until 6.

Our table


[ps. Cake here is not like cake back home. Think starch.]

There also has to be a boys dance, right?

Would it be a pool party without someone jumping to the pool?

Us with Feeling Daddy

Most of the wedding pictures were taken by the beautiful Raquel Fletcher.

2 thoughts on “Who doesn’t love a mobile library and a wedding?

  1. Love reading your blog, it is always interesting. Your dress is gorgeous. Sounds like you are meeting very interesting people.
    Take care.

  2. It looks like you are taking full advantage of your opportunity. Good for you. I am really enjoying reading and seeing your posts.

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