World Refugee Day

Yesterday was World Refugee Day. How did you get educated about what is happening to over 47 million refugees over the world?

In my time in Ghana, I have visited the Ampain Refugee camp twice and met with refugees about their experiences with education and the ongoing political and ethnic struggle going on in the Ivory Coast.

The unrest which was once simply political has now turned into an ethnic struggle for those who are the same (or close to the same) ethnicity/clan as the ousted former President Gbagbo.

This year is my first time recognizing June 20th to be World Refugee Day and not just June 20th. I wrote a radio story about the camp and posted a blog on jhr’s website called “Getting Schooled on World Refugee Day” about my experiences with the people of Ampain Refugee Camp.

On my first trip to the refugee camp, I focused on Education in the Camp for a radio story and article I am planning on writing for jhr.

My second trip was a little more impromptu. I was simply in the area as I was working as an embedded journalist for another story. The people I was with wanted to see the camp and I wanted to take some pictures (because they got upset with my picture-taking on my first trip).

A child draws in the sand

A friend joins her

Water pump

Life in the camp


Yesterday, a friend from the camp came to see me in Takoradi to discuss improvements in the school, World Refugee Day and continuous struggles in the camp.

Us with Rita after she told us about her experiences.

So happy they made the trip from Ampain!

Read my jhr blog: “Getting Schooled on World Refugee Day”

Read about my first trip to the Refugee Camp: Education is a Right


2 thoughts on “World Refugee Day

  1. Hi there Granddaughter Alyssa. You are doing soo good we are enjoying you e-mails and they are very interesting. Did not know about World Refugee Day and you simply wonder how these beautiful children ever learn anything, but there are good people that are doing great work. We are getting a lot of rain and I guess that you people out there would like some of it. Keep up the good work Lov you and miss you. Grandma and Grandpa.

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