My Birthday Week

It might not be Vegas… but it will do.

For those of you who don’t know, I usually celebrate my birthday over one week in Canada. Here, I just kind of used my birthday as an excuse to sleep lots over the week.

I have a Ghanaian birthday buddy and she happens to be one of my closest friends here: Nana Adjoa. So we decided to have a joint 21st birthday celebration. We went out for lunch, enjoyed a birthday toast and bought some matching material to make dresses for an upcoming wedding.

Nana was so nice and gave me the material for my birthday [and I gave her candies from back home.] I also got several presents of alcohol (I guess people here are starting to catch on…)

On that note, people in Ghana say that I am ‘chill’ – which in loose translation is someone who likes to have fun. Again, no complaints – I think I like to have fun too!

On Tuesday night, my friend Sadat came to drop off a modem for me (so I can access the internet from home) and took me out for some pre-birthday drinks. We ended up playing some chess and having some good conversation. It was fun [and I am not just saying that because he says he reads my blog lol]

Convenience store stop for champagne

Me and Sadat

AND Wednesday was my birthday!!

Which I spent trying to work on a story where all my interviews were in Fanti – yah! Frustrating! However, I think a good story came out of it. Take a listen, please.

Read about my visit to Shama.

After it was played on the evening news, I went on the radio to talk about the challenges of doing the story because of the difference in language.. o, and talk about my birthday just so everyone in Takoradi could know that the blonde obruni in the blue dress was celebrating her birthday.

PS. Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday via Facebook, radio, Skype, phone, text and of course, in person!

That night, I decided to have a little get-together to celebrate my birthday – which was made even smaller by the rain.

Side note: when it rains here, people don’t like to leave their house. Everything stops with the rain.

We spent a majority of the time trying to play drinking games but found some troubles. Pesewas are too heavy to play quarters. I forgot the cards at home. After Peter brought the cards, there was still problems: we did not have paper, no one understood how to play, and we were playing with wine.

Soon, I will show the people of Ghana how to play awesome Canadian drinking games, but apparently not this week.

Birthday Twins. Well almost.

Best pic of the night?

The girls

The rest of the week was full of interviews falling through, me trying to actually get somewhere on my library doc and sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.

On Friday night, I went to a movie premietre at SKYY with Raquel. The movie was a Ghanaian horror film, which as a person who doesn’t watch horror movies, like ever, was very gruesome. There was one part tho that was so funny to me because it is so true in Ghana.

They find a dead body. Then the teacher says [in paraphrase], “I would call the police but my phone doesn’t work. Is anybody on a different network?”

And then goes on to say [again, in paraphrase] “with or without a network, we will find our way back”

In Ghana, the phone networks go down, sometimes for all day. As explained in my previous post about Ghanaian quirks, this is why people have multiple phones all on different networks. Why complain about bad service when you can simply use your other phone on a different network.

I decided to go out to celebrate my birthday which means I went to the usual cycle of bars. I still have not got up the nerve to do karaoke here yet, but I work with the bar DJ Joe and he said he would put any song I wanted into karaoke format. Now I just have to think of one… suggestions?

The next day, I went to the seamstress to talk about what I wanted my dress to look like. And buy some matching shoes for the wedding. I am very excited because the seamstress seemed to understand what I was asking for… and I bought two pairs of heels.

The next week coming up should be a little eventful, my interview that keeps falling through because of the rain will hopefully happen, I will finally get to film some interviews for my lib doc and maybe even clean my room…

[ps. That would be funny for those of you who know I am a messy person and my room is messier than me.]

If you are interested in reading more about my life from a different perspective, aka Raquel, here is her blog.


2 thoughts on “My Birthday Week

  1. two suggestions:
    pick ain’t no mountain high enough! for your karaoke song and think of me when you sing it
    and teach them moink! if you can remember the rules

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