Another Day, Another Week, Another Blog Post

Life is moving like usual here in Ghana.

I finally feel like this is my life, which makes blogging about my day-to-day life a little more difficult. I do the same thing mostly every day:

Wake up [usually late]. Take a car to town aka the market. Walk from the market to work. Work/Not work. Take a car to the market. Pick up something for supper (usually a pineapple), Walk home.

Of course, intertwined in there are stories. But they are feeling less and less like stories & more and more like daily funny commentary.

Although Tuesday was an experience. A great experience.

I went to the Ampain Refugee Camp [which you can read about here in “Education is a Right”] and visited a small village disrupted by mining.

The small village was hard to visit.

The mining company discovered minerals underneath the town everyone is being relocated to a new town. We went there because the town was upset because of the materials used in the building of their new houses. I just stood there the entire time, wide-mouthed, “Why are these people upset about the building materials?!

The mining companies are forcing them out of their houses. They have no say. It is law that they have to relocate so the minerals can be extracted. They are being completely exploited!

I was the only one that had this reaction. I guess this is not the first time this has happened. People have accepted the fact they are being located and their houses are being rebuilt in a different location. [Rebuilt meaning if you had a two-room before, you will have a two-room on a different plot and a move out date.]

I wonder how much the mining company is actually helping the village? Without a lot of knowledge and just precedent, I am going to have to say “they are not really helping.”

——— okay, done with that rant.

The Town

See the mining right behind the school...

Children playing at the school


The rest of the week was fun. I am sure I did a lot of interesting things, that I can no longer remember.

On Saturday, we went to visit Peter at his place in Shama, a small fishing village outside of Takoradi. Peter is a teacher at the primary school there & Raquel is filming her doc on the oil boom so we wanted to talk to some fisherman and find out the challenges they face in relation to the oil.

School where Peter teaches

The ocean and river mixing together

Fishing Boats

The Beach

We ended up getting some great interviews and walking home in the rain through, well it seemed like, a rainforest. We had only one umbrella, which was to cover the electronics.

From there, we went back to town and visited my co-worker Isaac at his house. He was celebrating his wife’s birthday and I was dying to meet his little girl (he talks about her all the time).

Isaac's Little Girl

That night, I went to a fashion show at the Takoradi Polytech with Manuela. I will write more about it later, and show a little video. But here is a preview.

Fashion Show Preview

My Date for the Night

O, and the show went until 1:30 am! Crazy.

On Sunday, Raquel and I went for a walk. It was supposed to be a “run” but instead we walked 1 and a half hours to the beach. It was great. Made me think of walks around the dam at home. We arrived home just in time to go to the Rotaract meeting that night. They had asked us to come and talk to them about Human Rights [Reporting]. We got to share some of our experiences as hear from youth about what they think about the media. I think we are going back again next week to carry on our discussion.

PS. Tomorrow I turn 21!

3 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Week, Another Blog Post

  1. Hi Alyssa,HAPPY 21! and what a way to CELEBRATE! Could you write more on the uprooting of the villages, why the villagers are upset (the use of the materials). You mentioned that this was a normal occurance, how often? What about roots, belongings, stabilities? I am guessing that this is difficult on the learning process for the children? But, if it is a way of life, then is it? Lots of questions… Thanks for sharing and ENJOY YOUR BIRTHDAY! I am sure that you are going to be treated like a princess (you did tell them that you were a princess right?) Cheers, my girl! A. Lori

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