Taking in Takoradi

Wednesday was a holiday here in Ghana… well actually in all in Africa. That’s right, Africa Day!

Now in Canada, the best parts about holidays are usually the night before. Yes, I know I usually complain that they overcharge and the lines are long but it is still awesome because no one works the next day so everyone goes out drinking.

Here? Not so much. Most of my colleagues worked. I took the day off to enjoy a little Africa aka went to the market and went swimming in the ocean.

We ended up hanging out on the second floor restaurant of the market so I took some pictures to show you the awesome craziness of the market.

Market Circle


Regular Market

We went to a local beach later. It was pretty beautiful (with the exception being a little dirty). The beaches here are so beautiful and the country knows it. They want to eventual turn this place into a travel beach destination and clean up the beaches. It made me kind of happy that I instead got to swim like the locals. Yes, surrounded by a little trash but with no disturbance or commercialization.

The Beach

Feet on the beach

Was someone hucking golf balls at the beach?

In the Ocean

Beach! Beach!

I took this picture specifically for the colour of the rock. I thought my Mom would love it.

 On Thursday, Raquel and I tried to have a movie night. Operative word being tried. First we tried the television in her room. The DVD player didn’t work. Then we tried the television in the living room. The DVD player didn’t work. Then we went to my little old house and the DVD player worked so we watched Moulin Rouge.

On Friday, I tried fufu.. this time for real. Aka I used my hand and not a fork like before [hangs head in shame.] Emmanuella, a girl I work with, took me to this little restaurant hidden (well, hidden to me) in the market.


Picky Picky


We were our matching shirts on Fridays at Radio Maxx. This pretty much just gave people something else to yell to get my attention than “obruni”. I heard “Radio Maxx, Radio Maxx” all day. But Emmanuella told me a great story that made me want to wave at all the little kids that yell at me. She told me when she was younger, when an Obruni would wave back she would excitedly run home and tell her parents. So, if I can really make some kids that excited and happy, I will always wave back.

That night, Raquel and I met up with a local blogger to get some information about Ghana and social media for my jhr blog – which will be posted soon. [I promise I am actually doing stuff over here].

Saturday was a big day here: the championship football match. But first, the market again. Adom took us around because I really wanted some cool jewelry and Raquel wanted a bank. She was wearing a Barcelona jersey and no one was yelling at us. Just at her and discussing the match for tonight. It was great.

While we in the market, a crazy thing happened. Everybody started running. Seriously, I have never seen so many women with stuff on their head run so fast. And people were running down the streets with their carts. We later found out that police had come and all the people running away did not have the proper papers to be selling in the market. We saw at least 10 shoe carts taken by the police. It was a crazy scene.

Then, the championship football match: Manchester vs. Barcelona.

My brother Peter took us to watch it with his friends. These guys are pretty much soccer hooligans. All night, all you could here was: “break his legs” and “thank you, thank you [for getting the ball back].” In the end, Barcelona won and Peter was upset, like really upset. Football is a big deal around here.

On Sunday we lounged around and then went to a Rotaract meeting with some friends. I would really like to get involved.We were asked to speak at their meeting next week about human rights and the media.


I am sorry I am a little behind in posting but time flies here. I will try to keep you all a little more updated.

PS. Manitoba does not have bad mosquitoes. Ghana has bad mosquitoes.

I feel like a leper


One thought on “Taking in Takoradi

  1. Okay so what is fufu?? You have come a long way from mashed potatoes and chicken fingers!!! I love the picture of the red rocks and thanks for thinking about me when you see stone. The markets sounds like great fun…and don;t forget jewellery for your Mom as well, rocks will be way too heavy to bring home!!! Your story of the markets reminded me of Athens as the police would chase the illegal street vendors there too and the legal storekeepers would all be happy. Hope you are wearing mosquito spray all the time…maybe sand flies frm the beach too?? You are not missing anything but rain, rain and more rain at home, so enjoy it is June already……and time will fly. Looks like still too cold for the Africans to swim, you guys were the only one’s on the beach.

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