May Long in Takoradi

Okay, so they actually don’t celebrate ‘May Long’ but it was for you so I hope you all enjoyed it – as I sure did.

I did some stories on Thursday and Friday with Nana Adjoa – who is an awesome person.

Me & Nana Adjoa

On Friday night, I really wanted to see what Takoradi had to offer.( Since my radio station is an entertainment station, most of the people who work there have other jobs in promotions, club management, DJing and such things.)

Nana’s friend Razak came and picked up me and Raquel and we went to visit Nana while she was doing promotions at a bar downtown. The other reporter that I work with, Issac, was also there so it ended up being very fun.

Getting some drinks from the promo

Raquel being interview about the beverage

Nana interviewing me

I kind of like how we are the only ones looking at the camera

From there, we went to Champs, which is an “obruni bar” as a British couple owns it. I did not have to nerve to do karaoke but next time…. From there we went to a club that one of my colleagues manages.

[He is also getting married in a couple of weeks so I might have to crash his wedding.]

On Saturday we went to the market in the morning to pick up some food. I am kind of starting to find my way around the market so that is great. Raquel is totally lost tho haha.

From there we went to see Razak at GoodNewsFM where he is a DJ and marketing manager. He has a show on Saturday and we were his guests. We pretty much just talked about the differences between Ghanaian and Canadian media.

Razak aka DJ AMOCO [I think that’s right….

I look funny when I am talking

Since we were there, it was like “Lets do some sweeps too!” So, if you are ever listening to GoodNewsFM, you might hear me saying, “I just looooove GoodNewsFM.”

Recording some sweeps

After the radio show, we went to this pool party/poolside concert by D-Black, a famous Ghanaian artist. It was the most interesting ‘concert’ that I had ever been to. You could not even see him the place was so dark as outdoor lighting here is pretty uncommon.

Sunday morning we woke up and went to Church with the family. We did not go to the early 6:30 a.m. service that was in English and instead went to the 10 a.m. one that was all in Fanti and Latin. But the singing was great! The family is really involved in the church community: Grandma is in the choir and Chris and Fanny are both members of the Knight’s of St. John. [check out the matching outfits]

Outside the church

On Monday we did not have a holiday so I went to work as usual. I got a lot of done and submitted a video blog and blog to jhr’s website [which should be up soon]. That night, I did my own laundry with a bucket of water… well with help from Adom, a girl who lives in the house with me. I told her to teach me and I could do it myself. She just laughed.

Laundry - I swear I helped!

O and I can’t forget about my attempt to make sushi!

Ingredients? Check!

Did that beat your long weekend? Ha.



3 thoughts on “May Long in Takoradi

  1. I am loving reading your blog! Makes me so jealous of your summer. May long was same old same old around here! Would have loved to been doing what you were doing! So amazing…keep posting! Miss you!!! xoxoxox

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