Ghana Prep

School is almost done which means that sooner than later, I will be heading to Ghana.

So, here are some tidbits about my journey:

I am going to be staying with a Ghanaian Family in Takoradi

Now at first this fact really scared me. I had a little trouble committing to it just because I was scared of not liking it. Now, I am sucking it up and realizing what an amazing opportunity this will be to really get a first hand look at Ghanaian culture. I don’t know anything about the family, but considering they want 2 foreign prairie girls to live in their house, they must be interesting!

Here is where Takoradi is located:

I will be working at Radio Maxx 105.1FM

This is where I will spend 4 days a week working on daily human rights stories.

Here is their Facebook Page

And Where it is located in Takoradi:

I will be focusing on Children and the Future of Youth

This is a big focus on mine from my work with STARVE (Support the African Right to Vital Education) and I plan to focus on education and literacy in Ghana.

For school, I am required to do a year-long project called an IPP (Independent Professional Project). I have chosen to a documentary on literacy in Ghana focusing on the Osu Children’s Library Fund and the value of book for youth.

If everything works out as planned, the film will include Kathy Knowles, Winnipegger and founder of the fund. Read about her accomplishments in the Globe and Mail.

What will I be doing?

From May to August 2011 I will be interning with a radio, television or newspaper station in Ghana. During my time in Ghana I will be learning from local journalists and adding value to their organization wherever I can. I will also be writing my own articles, doing my own documentary, blogging and my own photography to tell a story about what is happening in Ghana

I still have to fundraise!

Since I have no real life outside of school, I have not been fundraising that much (which is bad)!

I order to go on the trip, I have to raise $5000 and I am about half way there.


  • If you would like to recommend a sponsor for me, that would be appreciated.
  • If you would like to donate, here is my page.
  • If you would like to buy a raffle, send me an email ( or FB message!
Now, the raffle is for an NHL Chicago Blackhawks Jersey signed by Captain Jonathon Toews. The tickets are 1 for $2 and 3 for $5. Every ticket does count and I appreciate all the support I have gotten already.
For those people not into hockey, sell it after, give it away – Father’s Day is coming up.
Tickets are available through me 867-7728 (stop me in the hall at school!)
or my parents, grandparents, Chipperfields and Mdosa Insurance Services.
This blog post is also posted on my other blog, Trailer Trash, but with the inclusion of movie trailers!

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