Welcome, Welcome

I have decided to create a new blog, and have chosen to do so for several reasons:

  • I like to talk about random nothings and feel that my other blog has maybe started to become off topic.
  • I am going to Ghana this summer and need a place to tell everyone about my adventures.
  • On this note, I will not be able to access movie trailers in Ghana.
  • This might look a little more professional than my other blog

What you can expect from this new blog:

  • Great details of my travels: including pictures, video, and commentary.
  • Fundraising Information.
  • (un) interesting things about my life and in Creative Communications
  • Projects and updates.
  • A new look (don’t worry, it will not be this ugly)

So, if you think you might be interested in my life (especially a internship in Ghana, subscribe to the blog!)




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